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Filati are handmade by heating Smalti Tesserae over a flame until they melt. The Artisan then pulls a very thin strand from it. 

Due to the handmade nature of this material, the diameter, length and thickness can vary and the colour can also vary from batch to batch. Please ensure to buy enough material for your project.

Filati is traditionally being used as tiny tesserae in mosaic jewellery and micro mosaics. They can be cut and placed vertically, showing the vibrant colour of the Smalti.

They can be cut by using a diamond edged file or wheeled Nippers. If using Nippers they have to able to cut very thin tesserae, such as the Aluminium Nippers in this store.

Please see a beautiful example of a jewellery piece created by Margo Anton, Canadian mosaic artist. She used white gold, Smalti and Filati in the centre.