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Shipping Explained!

Shipping Explained!
Shipping products within Australia and overseas is always a bit of a challenge. We try to make it as cost efficient for our customers as possible, but nevertheless, shipping does cost money and not to forget the products need wrapping, such as bubblewrap, bags for the smalti,  padded envelopes, labels and tape. 
We ship with Australia Post, as they are reliable and easy to track. This means the shipping comes in a range of weights and we have put a table below to assist you with ordering as efficient as possible to maximise your shipping costs.
Have a look at the table, which is an example of our weight range and standard postage within Australia.
If you for example order 500g of smalti, the postage would be $11, but if you order 1.5 kgs of smalti, the postage would still be $11!
We hope this will assist you in ordering as efficient as possible.

Example of domestic Australian shipping (Standard)

Weight Range

Shipping Cost (includes small fee for packaging and handling)

0.0 kg – 1.5 kg


1.6 kg – 2.5 kg


2.6 kg – 4 kg


4.1 kg – 5 kg


5.1 kg – 7.9 kg


8.0 kg – 10.9 kg


11.0 kg – 15.9 kg


16.0 kg – 20.0 kg


Please note the shipping of the tilebacker boards is calculated differently, due to their sometimes challenging size.