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Smalti Info

                                                Photos supplied by Orsoni Mosaici, Venice- all rights reserved

Smalti Description

Regular Smalti: a variety of blue and green colours.

Fine Smalti: Colours are brighter, enhancing your mosaic project,

Special Smalti: The opacifier " Anime" is being used in these beautiful opaque Smalti tiles

Imperial Smalti: a variety of bright red and orange colours, giving warmth to your mosaic

Flesh Smalti: often used in portraits, these colours are produced using ruby gold.

Gold Smalti: using 25karat gold in the production, these tiles are available in either white gold or gold colours.

Mixed Smalti: A variety of colours, great for trying out different colours in your mosaic. Choosing mixed smalti from one colour family, such as blue or green colours, will provide you with the opportunity to explore the different shades and grading.

Smalti Rotti: Offcuts from the production of the Smalti, perfect for creating a crazy pattern or for cutting them to size.Also a  great option for mosaic artists new to Smalti, wanting to experiment at an affordable cost.

Smalti Pezzami: Irregular larger pieces of Smalti in a variety of colours. Great for cutting larger pieces to size or use them as they are. e.g. as a center piece. Please note that Pezzami is available only in mixed colours and the colours will vary according to availability.If you are looking for a particular colour, please e-mail us at    

Pezzami are sold according to weight , for example 500g might be 3 pieces, depending on size.                                                                                

Smalti Spizzi: Irregular offcuts from the production of 24 karat gold smalti,perfect for use in a crazy pattern or cutting them to size. An affordable option for enhancing your mosaic with vibrant gold.


How to cut Smalti

Smalti can be cut using a wheeled Nipper or a Hammer and Hardie. The wheeled Aluminium Nipper is an affordable option, lightweight to prevent wrist fatigue and lies solidly in your hand with a good grip. The Aluminium Nipper is a high quality tool, produced in Italy and designed to cut smalti and glass easily. It produces nice and fairly straight cuts.

The other way to cut Smalti is using the Hammer and Hardie, which is a traditional cutting tool from Italy. Please e-mail us at for more information on the Hammer and Hardie.